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Mr. Wylde's Ford Truck...

I have to tell you the conversation I had with Mr. Wylde today. Now, this story needs to be prefaced with the fact that Mr. Wylde has two cars, a truck and two trailers, all of them older than dirt (these are not what I drive - this is just his private fleet he's amassed for reasons I cannot begin to explain). We decided to get rid of the truck two years ago. It's a 1972 Ford that belonged to my great grandparents, and has lived with various family members over the years, but has never been out of the family. It has 80,000 miles on it, original. It's beat up and has some rust and is a beast, but it's a very solid truck that runs incredibly well.

Over the past two years, I've found two new homes for it within the extended family (the rule is the truck doesn't leave the family). Neither of them worked out for various reasons, and the difficult decision (following consultation with said extended family) was made to sell it to someone outside the family who would appreciate it.

Another year passes. Mr. Wylde insists he's going to take care of it. I keep asking him when. He keeps saying he doesn't have time. Yesterday I found an appropriate new home for the truck and called him. Mr. Wylde says no. I ask why. Mr. Wylde says he doesn't have time to talk about it. At this point my cousin says to me, "He just wants to keep the truck." (This is counter to everything my hubby has said to me for two years, but actions speak louder than words.)

This morning I ask him flat out, "Do you want to just keep the truck because you love it?"

Him: "No, that doesn't make any sense. We need to sell it."

Me: "Babe, if you love the truck and want to keep it, that's okay. I just need to know."

Him: "We don't have anywhere to park it. We should get rid of it."

Me: "I found a buyer yesterday who would appreciate it." (in-laws on my cousin's side -- Ford truck people)

Him: "No, I need to really think about what it's worth."

Me: "If you want to keep the truck, just say so."

Him: "It's stupid to keep the truck."

Me: "Do you love your truck and want to keep it?"

Him: "We don't need it. We have the trailer."

Me: "We could get rid of the trailer and keep the truck."

Him: "That's irrational."

Me: "Just answer the question -- do you love your truck and want to keep it?"

Him: "Yes."

Me: "Okay, that's fine. I'm going to sell the trailer because we don't have room for both and we don't need both."

Him: "I'm gonna need some time to think about that."

Me: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Him: (silence)

Me: "We got the trailer from your buddy S----- twelve years ago for $200 and a half rack of beer. Truck or trailer?"

Him: "Okay." (heavy sigh) "Sell the trailer."

Me: "How much do you want for it?"

Him: "$200 and a half rack of beer. Unless it's family. Then they just need to bring the beer."

(Below: Same make and model of truck, but ours isn't in this good of condition.)

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