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Frequently Asked Questions

When you hear the same questions over and over, it's probably a good idea to create a special section just to answer them. Here's an ongoing list of the most frequent questions I hear from readers.


Q. How many Reapers MC books do you plan to write?


No idea. I'm branching out and trying some new things, but my goal is to write the story I feel most passionate about at any given time. I think authors who write from passion create the best stories.


Q. What are you working on right now?


I'm working on a book called Taz, which will be the first in the Devil's Jacks MC series.


Q. What is Fathomless and when is it coming out? I saw it listed on Goodreads but I can't find it available for preorder anywhere.


Fathomless is a book that was originally intended for release during 2015 through Berkley Publishing. For a wide variety of reasons, Fathomless is currently on hold.


Q. Are you planning a spin off about Shane and Roarke, the characters in the bonus epilogue of Silver Bastard?


See above (they would be the main characters in Fathomless and that series).


Q: When will the next Silver Valley/Silver Bastards MC book come out?


A: I don't know when the next Silver Bastards book will come out. I try very hard to write the stories as they come to me, and that means following my gut. Otherwise I find that the writing is much harder and they don't flow as well. I do have another book (Fathomless) planned that will follow up on some of the characters from Silver Bastard, Shane and Rourke, but I'm not sure when I'll be publishing it.


Q. Will Reapers and Bastards ever be available on Nook (or other non-Amazon ebook platforms)?


A: I am working right now to get Reapers and Bastards on to all major retailers.


Q. Are there any characters you aren't planning to write about?


A. People are always asking me whether certain characters will get their own stories. While I try to always keep an open mind, there a few characters that people ask me about often that I'm definitely not planning to write about. These include Kit, Dancer and Bam Bam.


Q. Will Cookie and Deke get a story?


A. Maybe. I think the could make a fun novella. We'll see!


Q. Was there a story about Maggs and Bolt? I see references to their relationship in the other books, but feel like I missed some of the action. Will they be getting a story?


A. No, there hasn't been a story written about Maggs and Bolt. Their lives are playing out in the background while the main series progresses because a three dimensional fictional world has many stories taking place at once. I haven't decided if I'll write their story or not. They definitely have one, but I'm not sure it's one readers will like. At the moment I'm not ready to write it so it's a moot point ;)


Q: Do you think could there be any future of your motorcycle series being used for TV?


A: No idea, but if you’re a TV producer, feel free to get in touch with my agent!


Q. When will we learn who the mystery biker from the bonus epilogue in Reaper's Stand was? (Jessica's story)


A. I will be finishing Jessica's story, but I haven't decided for sure yet exactly how that will happen. It may be part of a larger book or it may be a novella, and I don't have a time frame on it just yet. I'm not planning to write a full book just for her, though. I've had a lot of fun with the character and she definitely has a story, but not one that's book-length.


Q. In Reaper's Stand, you wrote about a secondary who had hydrocephalus. My (child/sister/cousin) has hydrocephalus and usually people don't know what it is. Why did you decide to write a character with hydrocephalus?


A. I don't know if it ever occurred to me that writing about hydrocephalus might be unusual, but I've certainly heard from a lot of parents since the book came out. To answer your question, I grew up with a neighbor girl who was about six years old than me who had hydrocephalus. Her condition was fairly serious, although she was able to walk around the neighborhood, participate in Camp Fire Girls, etc. Several times she got very serious infections and we'd think we were losing her, but Leanne is still alive today, so I guess her family has been doing something right ;)

In high school I had another friend with hydrocephalus. Her case wasn't nearly as extreme, and she was able to live a full and normal life, although she was a little spacey sometimes. She also had some impulse control issues, which may or may not have been related to her condition. Later my husband and I did foster care and had several children who had fetal drug effects, which definitely impact impulse control and decision making skills.

Having known these people, I know first hand how frustrating it can be to have someone in your life with a serious medical condition, especially if that condition isn't readily apparently to those they meet. When I decided to write about Jessica, I wanted to explore that idea... What's it like to be a "normal" person whose brain doesn't work typically, and what does that mean for your family? I'd already done a lot of research into fetal drug effects when we had our foster kids, but I did a lot more into hydrocephalus and was so excited to see that modern medical techniques have grown to the point where this doesn't have to be a devastating, life-eating condition. I really wanted to show that.

In the end, the most interesting thing about writing the book has been hearing from parents of children with hydrocephalus (which I want to make very clear is NOT connected to parental drug use, although fetal drug effects obviously are). So many ask me how I learned about it, so I'm assuming it's not well known. It's been a part of my life in one way or another for so long that I had always assumed it was very common knowledge, LOL.

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