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Reader Extras

Here are a few fun extras that don't really fit anywhere else on the site. This is where you can learn how to get free swag, join my online readers' group (the Joanna Wylde's Junkies), read free stories, and learn more about the Reapers' world by exploring my wiki.

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Free Swag


Looking for signed bookmarks and stickers?  All you need to do is send me a self addressed, double-stamped #10 size envelope (the same kind you pay your bills with – littler ones are too small for the bookmarks, and bigger ones cost more to mail). You send it, I’ll load it up with signed bookmarks and whatever other swag I happen to have on hand and send it back. If you want more than one set of swag (for a friend, or to give away on a blog), just send me more than one envelope. 


NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL READERS: Your postage won’t work here, so you can send me $2 US cash. I’ll use it to cover the postage back. Just don’t send me your stamps because they’ll go to waste. 


If you would like personalized book plates (stickers that I’ll write on and send back to you) for your paperbacks, just throw in a copy of your paperback receipt for me (or a picture of you holding the book, or an email or something to show that you actually bought it). I’ll send back the book plates along with the swag. Easy, right?

So, here is the address for your self addressed, stamped envelopes:


Joanna Wylde
P.O. Box 744
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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Joanna Wylde's Junkies

Join my reader group on Facebook for special giveaways, exclusive excerpts and more. NOTE: If you're a member of the Junkies, be sure to identify yourself when you see me at a signing. Usually I have special prizes and giveaways reserved for group members.


Join Now

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Free stories under the name J.B. Wylde

Before I wrote MC stories, I wrote futuristic romances for a small press called Elloras Cave. Many of those early books have now reverted to me, and I'll be putting them out under the name J. B. Wylde on Wattpad (the first of these, the Price of Pleasure, has already started releasing in segments on Wattpad) and Kindle Unlimited in the months to come.

Explore Joanna Wylde's world on the wiki

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This is a project that a few readers took on to make it easier for me to write.


Click here to see the wiki.

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