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Tales of the Saurellian Federation:

While many of the stories in this universe are connected, they are not all chronological. Readers often write asking the best reading order. They’re listed below in the order I wrote them, which I think is the best way to read them. Having said that, almost all are meant to stand alone.


The Price of Pleasure

The first novel of the Saurellian Federation series

A slave desperate for freedom. 

A warrior incapable of love. 

Neither harbor false hope for the future - until their worlds collide in war. Now the rules have changed, and the stakes are higher than either of them could have imagined. Seth and Calla have one chance to change their destinies. Only when they risk everything to find each other will they truly know The Price of Pleasure.




A novella featuring a minor character from
Price of Pleasure

Sarai has lived through one terrible marriage. The last thing she needs is a new man in her life. But Jax isn't interested in taking "no" for an answer...



Dragon’s Mistress

A novella featuring a minor character from Price of Pleasure.

Dani is a pleasure worker, not a spy. But when her Guild calls on her to infiltrate Lord Drake Van'hot's palace, she's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission. 



The Price of Freedom

The second novel of the Saurellian Federation (closely linked to
Price of Pleasure)

He's been a slave all his life...

Now Jess is going to break free. He and his fellow miners plan to overthrow their captors and escape life in the asteroid belt. 

Bethany can't deny her attraction to her father's slave, but she can't imagine a world where they could be together. When the slaves revolt and Jess takes her prisoner, everything is going to change. Now both of them are going to learn that the Price of Freedom can be very high...



Jerred’s Price

The third novel of the Saurellian Federation (loosely linked with Serendipity)

Jerred is a Saurellian spy, posing as a freighter captain/smuggler. He doesn't know the true meaning of love. Giselle is a barmaid hiding out on an Imperial space station, on the run for her life and leery of any man, especially one like Jerred. But from the moment they meet, passions get hot and desires run wild.

When Giselle witnesses a murder, the mysterious freighter captain is her only hope for escape.

There's just one problem. He isn't willing to take her on for free. Before she's, done Giselle will know what it means to pay Jerred's Price.


Gladiator’s Prize

A novella of the Saurellian home world

Admiral Saul Darius is a warrior, trained to fight and take what he wants—and he intends to possess the lush, sensual woman he’s spotted in the arena stands.

The last thing Master Engineer K’rilla d’Pecoraio wants is a lifemate. But when a battle-hardened gladiator claims her as his erotic prize, she finds herself in a war of her own—surrender to his will or fight to save the world she holds so dear.

She’s on his ship, at his mercy, completely under his power…Or so he thinks.


Survival’s Price

A Saurellian short story

Damian is a smuggler who's been out in space too long.

He needs to get laid. Bad.

Cybele knows how to make a man scream with pleasure, but she's also an assassin with a contract to fulfill. When she meets Damian in a portside strip club, she thinks he'll be easy prey.

She's wrong.

Join Cybele and Damian as they learn Survival's Price.



Garnets or Bust

A prequel story to the Saurellian Federation series

Tessa Marasdottir has just one goal.


And now she's found a way to get it.

Cerulean star garnets are her ticket to a better life, and she won't let anyone get in her way. Unfortunately, Daaron Von Saur'rel can't let her keep her gemstones, no matter the cost. He has people to protect, and a vision of the future that can't be stopped. Killing Tessa is the best way to protect his interests -- but he can't bring himself to do it. Not when he can't stop lusting for her.

Now Tessa and Daaron find themselves lock in a battle of wills neither can afford to lose. Lives depend on them, and the only way both can win is through a marriage of convenience. It's garnets or bust.



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